Fake Love
Fake Love
Fake Love
Fake Love
Fake Love
Fake Love
Fake Love

Fake Love

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When sports agent Carter Crawford and supermodel Vale Martin meet, they have an instant connection and a really fun night together. 
Their relationship goes like this:
She calls and says she’s in town.
He tells her to stop by. They both know what that means.
And it is amazing. Every time.

She doesn’t want a commitment.
So, he does something crazy and buys a ring. 
But instead of surprising Vale with a proposal, Carter sees her kissing another man and leaves without telling her.

After months of not speaking, Vale doesn’t call Carter.
She stops by. 
And begs him to pretend to be her fiancé at her little sister’s wedding.
And even though Carter knows he’s about to do something crazy again, he agrees.
Because there is nothing fake about the way he still feels about her. 

This is book #3 in the series.

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