Kitty Valentine Book Stack + Flat Hotties

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This book stack includes all NINE books in the Kitty Valentine series: Billionaire, Doctor, Rock Star, Fireman, Actor, Best Man, Cowboy, Hockey Player, Santa and their corresponding Flat Hotties magnets! 

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Genre: Chick Lit 

When author Kitty Valentine’s latest novel totally bombs, her editor suggests she dates different kinds of men for inspiration in this fun chick-lit romance series. Imagine an awkward Carrie Bradshaw navigating the NYC dating scene!


Spin the wheel. Date the guy. Write the story. Fall in love?

Six years ago, Kitty Valentine took the book world by storm when her sweet debut romance hit number one on the Best Sellers List, which was followed by a string of successful releases.

 Her latest novel, however, totally bombs, causing her editor to suggest she write much sexier books.

 To Kitty, writing smut is the literary equivalent of stripping.

 But with no advance coming in and her royalties dipping to an all-time low, Kitty has no choice.

Armed with a hot-guy spinning prize wheel, made by her best friend, listing all the different types of men she will date and then write about, Kitty will be spinning—not stripping—her way back onto the best-sellers list. 

And in the process, she just might write her own happily ever after.